corbyntwibbonMystery/thriller/noir fiction author. Feminist/socialist worldview, and vegetarian. Corbyn-4-PM. Novel, (I was suspended by the Labour Party 9/9/16 for supporting Jeremy Corbyn) Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years (Createspace). MA Creative Writing, Goldsmiths.

Story sales: Mondays Are Murder, Big Pulp, Transmission, The Front View and others.

Poems published: The North, Iota, Seam and Blade amongst others. Prizes in the Yorkshire, Dulwich, Exeter and Berkshire competitions: What You Will See (Gatto, 2006)

Favourite writers: Magnus Mills, Franzen, Eugenides, Munro, Carver, Kelman and Self.

Novel #1: Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years (Createspace, 2005).

Novel #2: Stop the World, I Want to Get On (Authonomy closed Sept 2015).

Novel #3: Working title: Baking Cakes for Winston Churchill. Also known as The Making of Modern White English Women – a handbook (see my blog for early versions in progress, on hold at the moment).

MA, Creative and Life Writing, Goldsmith’s, University of London, 2002

BSc Civil Engineering, Sheffield Poly.

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