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2012 Big Pulp: Summer 2012. Buy it here. It’s also online here.

Writing Credits – Published:

2012 Limbo: The Marquis (excerpt) – link broken 27/1/2014

2011 Weirdyear: Life Force invisible elephants and all the fun of oblivion… sci-fi (going strong Feb 2014)

2010 The Smoking Poet: Jack Kerouac Eats Here, homage to Kerouac in a shorter reworking of his masterpiece. (going strong Feb 2014)

2010 Bewildering Stories: The Timeless Mr. Thelwall because you never know who you’re going to meet.

2010 The New FleshFor Murder, Just Add Water @ when Philip Marlowe says he can bring them back, he means it – noir … (closed for submissions Feb 2014)

2010 Weirdyear: How I Came to Light Up the Universe @ sci-fi.

2010 Ink, Sweat and Tears: Roman Holiday Blues  romance of sorts (link updated 12/2/13)

2010 MicroHorror: Mr-Croc-in-a-Blanket @ Link broken Feb 2014 which is just as well as this story sent a lot of sensible people running.

2010 Rainy City Stories: In-Car Valeting @ Sofa Sorbet @

The Front View (aka The View From Here) (ISSN 1758-2903): Telescopes @

Transmission 6 (ISSN 1752-3729): Nobody Knows a Damned Thing @

Transmission 4: The North is So Much Better for Youngsters Today @

Nobody Told the Horse, I Hadn’t Even Started and Not Your Problem (Surprising Stories) @ (link broken 14/2/14. However, Surprising Stories Sept 13 is available)

Think of a Name For It (Verbsap) @

The Day I Asked Blake Morrison If He Raced Pigeons (Eclectica) @

Swing Naked, How They Looked at the Sun and Roads That Go On and On (Eclectica Spotlight Author) @

There Has to Be a Better Balance (Eclectica) @

God Only Knows (Bewildering Stories) @

Lulu storefront @

Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years (Amazon)  @

Deepa Kandaswamy’s review of Tony B @

Collected stories Jack Kerouac Eats Here

Contact me: iandsmith underscore catallus at yahoo dot co dot uk, or leave a comment.

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